On the 1st we gave our 1-month notice to our apartment in Fort Collins.  So the move is official!  We will be moving to Denver!  We have an apartment lined up and ready to rent, and the plan is to move on Saturday, June 30th!  I'll give my 3-week notice to my current job here soon, and I'll be moving to Denver hopefully to work in the Medical Cannabis industry. 

There is one slight problem we have run into, though; the Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division is currently not taking calls to set up appointments to obtain the Employee Support Badge that we'll need to work in the industry.  They do say, however, that because it is an error on their part, they won't hold that against people that want to work in the industry, and they won't be requiring the badge until they can start accepting appointments.  We'lll call back on June 18th.

That's all for now.  Hopefully everyone is enjoying June!

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