One Million! 

The R3DBAND channel has gotten to 1,000,000 upload views (well, 999,699 while I type this) and well, that's freagin awesome!  Thank you to everyone that watches on a regular basis.  We're just two (fairly) normal guys makin videos, trying to spread the positive vibes. 

We've been getting 15,000 views a day across all videos, and over 100 new subscribers every day.  The channel is growing!  We have big plans to get to 2 million A LOT quicker than we got to 1 million, so stay tuned!

As of right now, the 1,000,000 views video is being uploaded, but it's over 100 minutes, so the upload is going to take hours and hours and hours. 

Lee Hutchinson

Hey Guys,
Belated congrats on the million views (even tho now your on 1.23m) just wanted to drop a mail saying I love the channel and the website and please keep it up. I'm from Manchester in the UK were currently cannabis is illegal but hopefully at some point the goverment and David Cameron will get their ass's into gear and legalize it.
I'm 33 and been using cannabis on and off for a while, a few years ago I decided to take a break from pot . Things were going great for a couple of years until for some reason I began to have panic attacks and found that re-using cannabis helped greatly with the anxiety and the other panic symptoms anyway since I've started smoking again the attacks have virtualy gone, weather this is due to the strains i smoke having a high CBD content who knows?

Anyway keep up the good work, and thanks for the mail about the new t - shirts, I will be ordering one soon.

Take it easy guys,
peace on pot....

Manchester , UK.


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