The holiday season is upon us!  April 20th marks an important day in the cannabis culture, and we plan on making the most of it!  Last year we went to Denver for the Rally and celebration and Civic Center Park in downtown.  The day before we took a trip to the National Park, and overall had a kickass couple of days.

Because 4/20 falls on a Friday, it should be an extra special year to celebrate.  We plan on arriving in Denver early Friday, we have a couple stops in mind, mainly to a dispensary or three.  We plan on being downtown well in advance of 4:20pm, so we can find a chill place to sit and make some videos out in the open!  Hopefully we will meet a ton of like-minded people, and it'll be great!

The plan is to upload 2 videos on Thursday, 4/19.  And then we have several awesome videos ready to go for 4/20, so our subscribers will have plenty of content to keep themselves entertained.  Sometime on Friday we'll upload a raw video to the channel of our adventures at the rally.  Stay tuned!  Cheers!  Have fun, BE SAFE!  Peace and pot! 

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