It was actually quite warm today.  And the Colorado sun just beats down; having lived the majority f my life in swampy Iowa, less haze and higher altitude means more sun, and I dig it.  It's supposed to get up to 83 on Thursday, but the high for Friday is supposed to only be 52.  Oh, weather.

I recently posted a video on my channel of me using a Da Buddha Vaporizer.  I'll probably post another smoking video soon.  I like the idea of using cannabis for videos, and doing it on my channel means being the one to have final say of when a video goes up, knowing when the next video will go up, and generally having control over the upload.  I'm also looking forward to having more views, and improving my statistics.  As of right now, I'm 140 subscribers and 2,000 views behind Dan's solo channel, GreenBand1080.  Although...... "the only competition worthy of a wise man is with himself..."  

Having the vaporizer was for sure a plus. If you made the videos a little longer that would be pretty cool too. Peace & Pot


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