I went years and years without having the 4th of July off from work.  I worked at a pizza place, and we would close by 7pm, which gave me a couple hours to get out of there in time to see the fireworks.  Onetime we climbed onto the top of the rough to watch them because it has been so busy that day we weren't yet done.  But for the last couple of years, and today, I have the 4th of July off.  Which is nice only because everyone else seems to have the day off, and that common experience is always cool.  The plan for today is to go for a swim in the apartment pool, and then find a chill place to smoke a bowl.  A bar-b-que may be in order.  The new apartment is awesome, the balcony is great, the pool is heated, and 10ft deep, and being close to Shana has been fontastic!

If you live in the United States, I hope you have a safe and happy Independence Day.  If you don't, I hope you have a safe and happy Wednesday!  And if you live in Colorado, please refrain from using fireworks!  It's too dry out there!

Take care everyone!  -Mark

wow 10 feet deep and heated! sounds like heaven lol


don't mean to be an a-hole by correcting your spelling but it's roof not rough.
keep your head in the clouds......smoke cloud that is.



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