On August 27th I (Mark) had my appointment with the Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division to obtain my Support Badge to be able to work in the Medical Cannabis industry.  It's been a long journey, starting all the way back in the Spring, when I tried to make an appointment with the MMED office in Fort Collins.
    We were living there through June, and I knew that once I moved to Denver I would want the badge.  Dispensaries had been closed in Fort Collins since February, and the MMED closed at the end of May, meaning that Colorado Springs and Denver were the only places to obtain a license.  And when I called Denver to schedule an appointment, I was told they were not scheduling appointments until July.  By the time we moved to Denver, Colorado Springs had also had their office shut down. 
    I called in July, and after several messages I finally got through and was able to schedule an appointment for August 27th at 9am -  the first available appointment for that day.   
    I arrived at the MMED offices at about 8:50am.  I wanted to make sure I was first, because I had heard horror stories of people waiting for hours.  The MMED offices are on the 3rd floor of a fairly nondescript office building, and the office itself seems to be staffed by only 2 or 3 people at most. 
    The nice lady at the desk checked my application and noted a couple small spots I had accidently left blank; no big deal.  The application includes listing sitations and arrests of every kind, and I listed traffic offenses, which she informed me I didn't need to list, but better be safe than sorry.  As they exsplicitly explain in the application, leing or not divulging a sitation, arrest or conviction would result in a denial of the application.

And then I waited.  I was the lone person in the waiting room of about a dozen chairs lining the walls.  I started to read a book, but ended up chatting with a delivery or maintenance guy that was came in to get something signed.  But he literally stood around for ten minutes before anyone else showed up to help in; in the mean time we talked about Iowa Hawkeye football, and the medical marijuana industry.  He asked if I had a job lined up, and wished me luck once he got his paper signed and headed on about his day.

Once the lady came back with my paperwork, she matter-of-factly said we would next be doing fingerprints, which was my first acknowledgement that the application process was a success - I was slightly worried about having student loans or government debt that I didn't know about, or some government red-tape issues that would have ruined my chances, but everything worked out just fine!

The fingerprinting took about 5 minutes, I got my picture taken, the badge was printed, and I was out the door before 10am!
Mrs. H.

My husband is interested in applying. What documents do you need to bring to the appointment? I've heard...tax documents, any diplomas earned, etc...?
Thank you.


There are 3 med badge offices in Boulder, Longmont, and Denver. Call and make an appointment, as far as I know they don't accept walk ins. Fill out paper work on line for a Key or Support badge from this site.

Support is $150 and Key is $300. Go to MED office with your paperwork and proof that you are a Colorado resident. If you have drug misdemeanors you will need to get dispositions for each offense. These can be emailed to the MED office at a later date if necessary. When you pass background check you will get your badge.
IMPORTANT: There is a list of reasons you will be rejected such as having a felony, back taxes, delinquent college loans or child support, ect. The list is on the application.
This process was extremely easy and I was able to get my badge on the day after I applied with very little effort. The only reason it was the next day is because you have to wait for your fingerprints to get run through a national database. My court dispositions were no problem and only required a quick call to each court I went to for my drug arrests, and then forwarding the MED office my paperwork, it took ten minutes.


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