The 4/20 weekend was a blast!  We met up with Garrett, who lives in downtown Denver, and walked down to the park.  We got there just before 4pm, and smoked out for about an hour. 

On Saturday we had some trouble with the hotel room, and had to switch hotels.  We didn't end up making it to the cannabis cup,. but we shot a video from Lookout Mountain, and later that evening we met up with Paul Tokin, smoked a few bowls, and recorded some casual video.

On Sunday we recorded a video in Garrett's apartment using a couple of his awesome pieces.  We then headed down to the Medical Cannabis Cup, where we met up with a friend/grower from our town, Gil from WeedMaps and NugPorn, and we were part of the TokinDaily Livefeed from the River Rock Wellness booth. 

It was an amazing weekend, stay tuned to the channel fo

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