Thanks everyone that's friended me on Facebook this week, I've gained over 200 friends in that time.  If you haven't already, come find me; Mark Redband or

We now have shirts available for sale!  Go to and buy yourself a shirt!  It's a great way to support the channel, and we'll be using the profits to fund our 4/20 vacation!  We plan on being in Denver at the Medical Cannabis Cup all weekend, as well as making videos, meeting up with subscribers, and hopefully organizing a hike or camp-out. 

Thanks, again, to everyone for the support and kind words that have come our day lately.  It's been especially nice hearing from the ladies out there - I know the majority of our subscribers are male, and that's great - we love our subscribers.  But sorry guys, nothing beats a compliment from a pretty gal! 

We truly appreciate everyone's support, and we plan on continuing to go strong into the Summer of 2012!  Peace, pot, and legalization!

I hope to run into you guys at the MedCup this year. I'm from Greeley and I just found you guys on youtube. Nice to see other MMJ folks from Colorado. Thanks for all your work on your youtube channel .. I hope someday I can be where you guys are :)


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